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Question No : 1

In a secure domain router scenario, which two functions are shared amongst all SDR in the
system? (Choose two.)

A. configuration
B. protocols
C. routing tables
D. chassis-control
E. switch-fabric

Question No : 2

Drag each resiliency mechanism on the left to its corresponding technology on the right.
Cisco 400-201 question 2

Question No : 3

A telecom company offers ISPs the ability to resell dynamic IP broadband services over its
local loops, but it does not allow the resellers to install broadband network gateways. If an
ISP wants to become a reseller but is unable to use NHRP, which tunneling protocol should
be implemented?

A. IP in IP
B. IPsec

Question No : 4

A network engineer wants to deploy a solution that allows for 200 DS1 s and 100 DS0s that
are multiplexed to a single interface on a Cisco 7600 Series Router. Which interface type
satisfies this requirement?

A. Channelized T3/E3 (DS0)
B. Channelized OC-12/STM-4
C. OC-12/STM-4
D. OC-48c/STM-16

Question No : 5

A service provider is implementing Ethernet solutions for clients that are not being
provisioned within the MPLS core network. Which solution allows the Service Provider to
complete Ethernet circuit provisioning in this scenario?

A. L2TPv3

Question No : 6

When IPv6 is enabled on an interface, which three multicast addresses does the
configured interface automatically join? (Choose three.)

A. FF01::2
B. FEC0::1
C. FF02:0:0:0:0:1:FF00::/104
D. FF02::1
E. FF01::1
F. FF02::2
G. FF02::D
H. FF02::5

Question No : 7

A network engineer is responsible for implementing a solution with Cisco IOS XR Software
that insures continuous forwarding during a control plane failure. Which two technologies
should the engineer consider? (Choose two.)

C. graceful restart

Question No : 8

Two Service Providers are beginning a merger between AS boundaries to provide MPLS-
enabled services between their networks. Customers are using both Service Providers for
services and, under certain circumstances; there are requirements to extend Layer 2 VPN
circuits between each provider. The providers are in the process of completing the
technical merger. However, the MPLS is not supported between the providers. Which
action allows MPLS Layer 2 VPN circuits to be built over the inter-AS link?

A. Create a GRE tunnel with the mpls ip command between ASBRs.
B. Create Layer 2 VPN peerings between PE routers from each provider.
C. Create a VPNv4 peering between ASBRs to advertise labels between each provider.
D. Create a sham link between ASBR routers to enable a superbackbone peering for Layer 2 VPN signaling.

Question No : 9

The diagram was R1 connected to R2 and R2 connected to R3 on ospf area 0
Cisco 400-201 question 9
Refer to the exibit OSPF is already running with default parameters. If R1 already have
loopback 0 & Router-ID configured with that loopback address, then what will SPF
computation on R2 after adding R1 one more loopback11 on OSPF?

A. Beacuse prefix information will be an LSA type 3 on R2 router 's database , R2 router will run partial SPF computation.
B. Beacuse prefix will a LSA type 1 on R2 router's database. R2 router will a full SPF computation, even though an OSPF optimization is applied on R2 router.
C. Adding ispf on command on R2 router, the entire SPT will be computed on R2 router.
D. Adding ispf on command on R2 router, R2 router will only recompute only the affected part of the tree.

Question No : 10

Refer to the exhibit.
Cisco 400-201 question 10
An engineer is troubleshooting CSC-PE and CSC-CE configurations and finds that there is
a missing communication between Layer 3 VPN customer sites that are connected to
customer carrier provider.
What is the cause of this issue?

A. The static route configured on CSC-PE1 is missing the vrf keyword on next-hop information.
B. The CSC-PE1 does require knowledge of the Layer 3 VPN customer prefixes in order to allocate and exchange Layer 3 VPN labels with CSC-CE1.
C. A CSC design requires selective label allocation.
D. The CSC-PE1 device is not allocating labels for the CSC backbone carrier route reflector.
E. The CSC-PE1 and CSC-CE1 routers are not exchanging labeled IPv4 prefixes, which results in LSP blackholing.

Question No : 11

Refer to the exhibit.
Cisco 400-201 question 11
It displays the Router_3 FIB information without any OSPF LSDB optimization. An engineer
wants to optimize the OSPF LSDB in accordance with RFC 1587 Considering the following
Router_3 maintains full connectivity
Router_2 requires the least configuration
In orderto achieve the OSPF LSDB optimization on Router_3. which Cisco IOS command
should the engineer use on Router_2?

A. area 1 nssa default-information-originate
B. area n nssa no-summary area 1 nssa no-redistribution
C. area 1 nssa no-redistributionarea 1 nssa default-information-originate
D. area 1 nssa no-summary
E. area 1 nssa no-redistribution
F. area 1 nssa no-summaryarea 1 nssa default-information-originate

Question No : 12

Refer to the exhibit. The Service Provider is deploying Internet service to its VRF
customers by using vrf INTERNET. A dedicated firewall provides NAT functionally towards
the Internet. Assume that IP address overlapping between VRFs is not an issue.
Cisco 400-201 question 12
Which three configuration steps are required to add Internet service to the VRF customers?
(Choose three.)

A. Export the RD of vrf INTERNET from all customer VRFs.
B. Originate a default route on PE4 in vrf INTERNET.
C. Import the RD from vrf INTERNET in all customer VRFs.
D. Originate a default route on the firewall in vrf INTERNET.
F. Import the Route Target of all customer VRFs in vrf INTERNET.
G. Leak all VRF routes to the global routing table.

Question No : 13

The product team at an ISP that offers VoIP services wants to add two-way video
conferencing to their product offering. Which three QoS methods can be applied for real-
time traffic on WAN links with speeds that are slower than 768 Kbps? (Choose three.)

A. Apply MLP link fragmentation and interleaving to the interface.
B. Apply LLQ with both voice traffic and video traffic in the same priority queue.
C. Apply CBWFQ with VoIP traffic in its own class, which is marked with a PHB value of EF.
D. Apply CBWFQ with video traffic in its own class, which is marked with a PHB value of AF41.
E. Apply voice-adaptive fragmentation to ensure that large video packets are fragmented and interleaved.
F. Apply LLQ with video traffic that is dedicated in the priority queue.

Question No : 14

Which is the main goal of BGPsec regards to improve BGP security?

A. Reduces risk of improper route propagation from unauthorized AS numbers
B. Configures BGP route verification by storing routes in a database used to validate AS numbers
C. Adds encryption to route propagation outside the iBGP AS
D. Increases legitimacy and authenticity of BGP advertisements

Question No : 15

A Server Provider is seeing an increasing amount of attacks against its customers. For
which kind of attack would an engineer want to design a Backscatter Traceback solution?

A. Rogue DNS/DHCP Servers
B. IP Spoofing
C. Ping of Death
D. Distributed Denial of Service
E. Network Attack TCP/UDP Scan

Question No : 16

An engineer is implementing an MPLS within the core of the Service Provider network.
What two components are required to build the control and data plane for MPLS Label
Switched Paths? (Choose two.)


Question No : 17

A Service Provider is offering VoIP services and a service level agreement to customers.
Which configuration provides validation to customers that the service level agreement has
been honored?

A. ip sla 999 udp-jitter 1000 codec g729a tos 160 ip sla schedule 999 life forever start-time now
B. ip sla 999 icmp-jitter tos 160 ip sla schedule 999 life forever start-time now
C. ip sla 999 icmp-jitter tag VoIP-SLA ip sla schedule 999 life forever start-time now
D. ip sla 999 udp-jitter 1000 codec g729a tag VoIP-SLA ip sla schedule 999 life forever start-time now

Question No : 18

In order to prevent malicious traffic flows, how does BGPsec protect prefix advertisements?

A. It validates only the originating AS.
B. It validates routes with encryption.
C. It validates the AS path.
D. It validates the next-hop AS.

Question No : 19

In which three ways do PE routers manage multiple customers in MPLS VRF
environments? (Choose three.)

A. Route targets are configured that allow the PE to uniquely identify the customer routes in MP-BGP
B. PE routers use route distinguishers to tag routes for importing and exporting into customer VRFs.
C. PE routers use PE-CE routing protocols to manage routing with client VRF devices.
D. PE routers use route targets to tag routes for importing and exporting into customer VRFs.
E. Route distinguishes are configured that allow the PE to uniquely identify the customer routes in MP-BGP.
F. PE routers use PE-PE routing protocols to manage routing with client VRF devices.

Question No : 20

What is the PPMP label used for?

A. for the ingress replication model with BIDIR-PIM in an overlay model
B. only for the inter-AS mVPN models that use mLDP
C. for the partitioned mVPN model with PIM signaling in an overlay model
D. only for unicast over MPLS VPN
E. for all the default MDT and mVPN models

Showing 1-20 of 197 Questions   (Page 1 out of 10)

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