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Adobe 9A0-182 Dumps

Flex 4.5 ACE
Flex 4.5 ACE

Questions & Answers for Adobe 9A0-182

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Question #1

You are using Flex validators. Which property of the Validator class specifies the object
containing the property to validate?

A. property

B. trigger

C. source

D. listener

Question #2

Which tag does NOT implement the Flex RPC API?

A. RemoteObject

B. Consumer

C. HTTPService

D. WebService

Question #3

Which is a benefit of implementing data paging when working with the Adobe Data
Management service?

A. Typed transfer of value object

B. Real time Messaging

C. Allows you to receive data just as you need it

D. Allows you to proxy data from other sources

Question #4

Which file extension must your AIR application installer have to be used with the badge
install process?

A. .exe

B. .bin

C. .dmg

D. .air

Question #5

You want to interact with native processes from within your AIR application. Which two
steps will you need to complete? (Choose two.)

A. You will need to compile a native installer stub using a C compiler

B. You will need to use NativeProcess as the root element of your application instead of WindowedApplication

C. You will need to specify the target OS in the application descriptor

D. You will need to include <supportedProfiles>extendedDesktop</supportedProfiles> in your application descriptor file

E. You will need to build a native installer on the same OS on which it will be installed

Question #6

You want to make the main window of an AIR application appear as a native window
conforming to the standards of your operating system. What should you do?

A. It will appear as a native window by default

B. Set the skinClass style to air.skins.NativeWindowSkin

C. Set the nativeWindow property of the WindowedApplication root element

D. Set systemChrome to "system" within your application descriptor file

Question #7

Which two choices will allow you to apply a skin to a component at compile time? (Choose

A. Use the setStyle method in a Script block

B. Use the skin attribute in the MXML used to instantiate the component

C. Use the skinClass attribute in the MXML used to instantiate the component

D. Use the skin property in the CSS attached to the application

E. Use the skinClass style in the CSS attached to the application

Question #8

You are utilizing the local database functionality. Which class is used to specify that the
database is writable?

A. SQLStatement

B. SQLConnection

C. SQLResult

D. SQLMode

Question #9

You want to animate the x, y, and alpha properties of an object in your application. Which
Spark Effect class can handle animating multiple properties?

A. Animate

B. AnimateProperty

C. AnimateFilter

D. AddAction

Question #10

You want to create a CSS rule that styles the Spark TextInput component. Your CSS
document has the following namespace declaration:
@namespace s "library://";
Which correctly declares a CSS rule for the Spark TextInput component?

A. s|TextInput {}

B. s-TextInput {}

C. spark|TextInput {}

D. spark-TextInput {}

Question #11

Within a custom UI component, which two statements about the commitProperties()
method are true? (Choose two.)

A. It will be invoked manually within your component's constructor

B. It will be scheduled to run at the next render event after invalidateProperties() has been called

C. It coordinates changes to component properties

D. It is usually invoked before the addElement() method

E. It is usually invoked before the createChildren() method

Question #12

Which two statements about HTTPService, WebService and RemoteObject are true?
(Choose two.)

A. Service invocations to other sub-domains may fail without crossdomain.xml

B. WebService supports the invocation of SOAP and XML-RPC web services

C. WebService and RemoteObject can only be used with SOAP web services

D. RemoteObject will be faster than an equivalent WebService due to the use of AMF

E. HTTPService cannot be used to retrieve XML

Question #13

Which statement best describes the native installer feature of Adobe AIR 2.0+?

A. A native installer packages the AIR application into an EXE, DMG, DEB, or RPM file

B. Applications using a native installer cannot communicate with native processes

C. Applications using a native installer cannot launch files with a default system application

D. Native installers are only supported on Windows and Macintosh computers

Question #14

Which class type can be used as a preloader for a Flex application?

A. UIComponent

B. Timer

C. ProgressBar

D. Object

Question #15

You are creating an application that will need:
An event dispatching system
A means for interested components to be notified when something changes in another
Which design pattern should be used to create this architecture?

A. Observer

B. Model View Controller

C. Command

D. Singleton