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Flex 4.5 ACE Exam

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Question No : 1 -

You are using Flex validators. Which property of the Validator class specifies the object
containing the property to validate?

  • A. property
  • B. trigger
  • C. source
  • D. listener

Answer : C

Question No : 2 -

Which tag does NOT implement the Flex RPC API?

  • A. RemoteObject
  • B. Consumer
  • C. HTTPService
  • D. WebService

Answer : B

Question No : 3 -

Which is a benefit of implementing data paging when working with the Adobe Data
Management service?

  • A. Typed transfer of value object
  • B. Real time Messaging
  • C. Allows you to receive data just as you need it
  • D. Allows you to proxy data from other sources

Answer : C

Question No : 4 -

Which file extension must your AIR application installer have to be used with the badge
install process?

  • A. .exe
  • B. .bin
  • C. .dmg
  • D. .air

Answer : D

Question No : 5 -

You want to interact with native processes from within your AIR application. Which two
steps will you need to complete? (Choose two.)

  • A. You will need to compile a native installer stub using a C compiler
  • B. You will need to use NativeProcess as the root element of your application instead of WindowedApplication
  • C. You will need to specify the target OS in the application descriptor
  • D. You will need to include <supportedProfiles>extendedDesktop</supportedProfiles> in your application descriptor file
  • E. You will need to build a native installer on the same OS on which it will be installed

Answer : D,E

Question No : 6 -

You want to make the main window of an AIR application appear as a native window
conforming to the standards of your operating system. What should you do?

  • A. It will appear as a native window by default
  • B. Set the skinClass style to air.skins.NativeWindowSkin
  • C. Set the nativeWindow property of the WindowedApplication root element
  • D. Set systemChrome to "system" within your application descriptor file

Answer : A

Question No : 7 -

Which two choices will allow you to apply a skin to a component at compile time? (Choose

  • A. Use the setStyle method in a Script block
  • B. Use the skin attribute in the MXML used to instantiate the component
  • C. Use the skinClass attribute in the MXML used to instantiate the component
  • D. Use the skin property in the CSS attached to the application
  • E. Use the skinClass style in the CSS attached to the application

Answer : C,E

Question No : 8 -

You are utilizing the local database functionality. Which class is used to specify that the
database is writable?

  • A. SQLStatement
  • B. SQLConnection
  • C. SQLResult
  • D. SQLMode

Answer : D

Question No : 9 -

You want to animate the x, y, and alpha properties of an object in your application. Which
Spark Effect class can handle animating multiple properties?

  • A. Animate
  • B. AnimateProperty
  • C. AnimateFilter
  • D. AddAction

Answer : A

Question No : 10 -

You want to create a CSS rule that styles the Spark TextInput component. Your CSS
document has the following namespace declaration:
@namespace s "library://";
Which correctly declares a CSS rule for the Spark TextInput component?

  • A. s|TextInput {}
  • B. s-TextInput {}
  • C. spark|TextInput {}
  • D. spark-TextInput {}

Answer : A

Question No : 11 -

Within a custom UI component, which two statements about the commitProperties()
method are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. It will be invoked manually within your component's constructor
  • B. It will be scheduled to run at the next render event after invalidateProperties() has been called
  • C. It coordinates changes to component properties
  • D. It is usually invoked before the addElement() method
  • E. It is usually invoked before the createChildren() method

Answer : B,C

Question No : 12 -

Which two statements about HTTPService, WebService and RemoteObject are true?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Service invocations to other sub-domains may fail without crossdomain.xml
  • B. WebService supports the invocation of SOAP and XML-RPC web services
  • C. WebService and RemoteObject can only be used with SOAP web services
  • D. RemoteObject will be faster than an equivalent WebService due to the use of AMF
  • E. HTTPService cannot be used to retrieve XML

Answer : A,D

Question No : 13 -

Which statement best describes the native installer feature of Adobe AIR 2.0+?

  • A. A native installer packages the AIR application into an EXE, DMG, DEB, or RPM file
  • B. Applications using a native installer cannot communicate with native processes
  • C. Applications using a native installer cannot launch files with a default system application
  • D. Native installers are only supported on Windows and Macintosh computers

Answer : A

Question No : 14 -

Which class type can be used as a preloader for a Flex application?

  • A. UIComponent
  • B. Timer
  • C. ProgressBar
  • D. Object

Answer : D

Question No : 15 -

You are creating an application that will need:
An event dispatching system
A means for interested components to be notified when something changes in another
Which design pattern should be used to create this architecture?

  • A. Observer
  • B. Model View Controller
  • C. Command
  • D. Singleton

Answer : A

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Exam Version: 7.0