220-901 question 41 discussion


A technician is troubleshooting an expansion card in a computer that allows the computer
to receive faxes over a VoIP line. The line connected to the expansion card is MOST likely
which of the following cable types?

  • A. Coaxial
  • B. CAT3
  • C. CAT6
  • D. Multi-mode fiber
  • E. Single-mode fiber
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Explain? I have cable through a coaxial line and VoIP, a more legacy technology than CAT6 for businesses....FYI my fax service is SAAS....


you have cable through a coaxial but once the line runs to your providers modem and then a CAT5 or CAT6 runs from your modem to your router and then for what the question is talking about the only choice that would make sense is the CAT6 because an RJ45 would most likely plug into the expansion card.


What about the CAT3 mentioned? When would that come into use?


CAT3 is obsolete.


CAT3 was replace w/ CAT5.


Also CAT3 is used for telephone wiring.


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The CAT6 has multiple shielding which makes cross-over/cross-talk less of a problem over long runs of data feed.