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Which of the following is a public IP address?

  • A. 10.45.xxx.xxx
  • B. 169.254.xxx.xxx
  • C. 173.16.xxx.xxx
  • D. 192.168.xxx.xxx
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Isn't 192.168 a public IP?


No it is private and unrouteable to the internet as per iana.org


192.168 is private... used for your router only, which then uses NAT to add the routers public ip address onto the frame before going out into the big bad internet.


Answer should be A. Class A ( is a public IP

oflores97 - are private addresses Class A 169.254.xxx.xxx are APIPA addresses for when DHCP fails - are private addresses Class C - are Class B private addresses


No. 10. addresses are the private IP addresses inside the Class A range.


No Zack. !0.x.x.x, class A/172.16.x.x class B/192.168.x.x are PRIVATE, meaning non-routable addresses.


Private IP Addresses Class A - - Class B - - Class C - - APIPA - 169.254.xxx.xxx Loopback -


Certain IP addresses are reserved for public use and others for private use. This is what makes private IP addresses unable to reach the public internet - because they aren't even able to communicate properly unless they exist behind a router. The following ranges are reserved by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) for use as private IP addresses: to to to


We need a moderator explanation on his answer . It is so confusing


So this answer wrong? 173.16.xxx.xxx is a CLASS B Private address. The correct answer should be (A.) 10.45.xxx.xxx.