N10-006 question 1083 discussion


Jeff, a technician, is charged with setting up network monitoring for critical devices in the
network. It is important the information be sent securely to the monitoring station. Which of
the following protocols will support secure transmission of the data?

  • A. SNMP v2
  • B. VPN
  • D. SMTP
Created 1 year ago by chipp300


Should be SNMP v3


If that option was provided i'd agree with you, but given these options, the only answer available is B) VPN.


I thought the same thing. That the answer was VPN. But then I thought that VPN is to allow the client to remotely connect to network privately over a public network . And the question doesn't state anything to that affect. So I guess the next best answer is A


yes besides they asked for a protocol and vpn is not a protocol