220-902 question 145 discussion


A technician is tasked to change the number of CPU cores available to the OS to enhance
productivity. Which of the following tools would allow the technician to perform this task?

  • A. msconfig
  • B. perfmon
  • C. taskmgr
  • D. dxdiag
Created 1 year ago by samsimon


"The default setting would be having the "Number of processors" checkbox unchecked. This will permit all CPUs (cores) to be used. If you set this to 1 then only one core will be used, resulting in impaired performance. There is no practical difference between having the checkbox unchecked and setting this to the number of cores you have. The setting is primarily for testing purposes."


I would assume that the question would be geared to a virtual environment.


msconfig / boot /advance options is where u will find it