N10-006 question 106 discussion


A user reports intermittent network connectivity from their desktop PC. A technician
determines the cause to be a bad wall jack and fixes the jack. Which of the following should
the technician do NEXT?

  • A. Test the theory
  • B. Question the user
  • C. Document the outcome
  • D. Verify functionality
Created 11 months ago by Bruxinth


If he had fixed the jack, wouldn't that mean inherently that he has already verified that he had actually fixed the jack?


My thoughts exactly!


I thought the same thing. The way they word these questions is tricky sometimes


The answer should be C. In the question it states that the problem is fixed. The next step according to the Troubleshooting steps would be to document all the work. Verifying functionality is in step #6 along with adding Preventive Maintenance. .


It states that the tech fixed the wall jack. The tech will still need to go back and recheck that there is full functionality with the "fixed" wall jack. answer is D


While he fixed the wall jack - ie: replaced the keystone no where in the statement does it say the issue has been corrected, therefore the next step should be verify the fix. Answer D