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You would like to build a PC for storage redundancy. Select the appropriate IDE drives and
build the PC for MAXIMUM performance, while using the MINIMUM amount of drives.

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RAID 1 is NOT MAXIMUM Performance. RAID 5 is the correct answer. OR, reword the question so that we know we are only allowed to use 2 drives in the 3 bays that are shown available.


It says use the MINIMUM number of drives


Don't assume 2 drives = RAID 1, you are forgetting RAID 0 which will yield maximum performance in this scenario.


Why wouldn't it be two 15,000 HDDs?


It asks for the IDE drives. The 15,000 and 10,000 are SATA.


Actually the top 2 look more like SCSI drives. I've been viewing various pics online, and the top 2 don't have the typical horizontal "L" shaped SATA connectors.


I recant my statement. I thought the images above were cut off.


my confusion is based on there only being one "Hard Drive 3" 7200 RPM to choose from on the right, but the answer shows its two of them. it says "drives can be reused" but that contradicts my understanding of storage redundancy. perhaps i need 2 study this topic again.


Took the exam 2 weeks ago and this was on there.


RAID 5 is no longer using the minimum amount of drives (requires 3 drives) in comparison to the other RAIDs, so it will not meet the minimum drive requirement presented in the question. Although RAID 0 meets the requirement of "minimum drives", it has "ZERO" redundancy (one drive fails, then you have to start over), so it will definitely not work. RAID 1+0 (RAID 10) will not work because it doesn't meet the requirement of "minimum drives" (minimum for RAID 10 is 4 discs or 2 arrays). Out of all RAIDs, RAID 1 is the logical answer because it only requires 2 drives (the minimum in comparison to the other RAIDs), and it has redundancy (mirroring presents one drive as a backup if the other were to fail, you can still continue without starting over). RAID 1 still achieves maximum performance because the processor and memory doesn't have to work extra hard to rebuild the other drive. RAID 5 doesn't achieve the maximum performance because it has to work extra hard to rebuild the failed drive using the parity data from the 2 drives that are still running, which can slow the system down. I believe Comptia's purpose behind this question is because they want to test the test-taker to see if they know what type of RAID needs to be applied in this simulation. The reason why they put the third drive slot there is to provide room for error. It'll tempt the test-taker to "assume" that if there are three slots, that must mean we need to use all of it. NOT TRUE!


I agree. Detailed and logical answer.


The question is worded properly, it tells you to use the maximum performance IDE drives, in this case it's the 7,200 RPM IDE drive, and it asks for you to use the minimum amount of drives, which you should know the minimum for is 2.


"Maximum Performance". If you mean "Maximum Performance IDE drives, the exam question should be worded to say that. Just sayin'. I agree, the way it is worded, Raid 5 would be appear to be correct.


If RAID 5 is correct answer, then minimum amount of drives in RAID 5 is three. RAID 5 to works need minimum of 3 drives?


In the first part of the question it asks for redundancy, with minimum hardware in turn would allow for Maximum Performance.


Can anyone explain why it would be the 7200 RPM Hard Drive and not one of the others?


Its clearly mention to use IDE drives, if you look closer then first two are not IDE drives so you can easily eliminate first two options.


It mentions in the question that you have to use IDE drives. The other two drives are SATA.


^^ what they said. It's tricky if you don't look at the connectors lol.


Thank you mfahadjalil


Hard drive 3-7,200 RPM Hard Drive 3-7,200 RPM


HDD operating at speeds 5400 RPM and 7200 RPM are used primarily for greater speed/performance. However HDD at speeds 10000 and 15000 RPM are mainly for greater storage capabilities. The question wants that we use minimum drives which is 2 because a RAID requires at least 2 drives, and as mentioned earlier 5400 RPM and 7200 RPM are used primarily for greater speed/performance, so we would use 7200 RPM seeing that it offers greater speed/performance than RPM.


BAY 1 = HDD3 BAY 2 = HDD3


I understood this question like this 1.you would like to build a PC for storage redundancy.--- could be RAID 1, 5 , OR 10. 2.Select the appropriate IDE drives --- The top two drives are SATA so they do not fit for this question. 3.build the PC for MAXIMUM performance, while using the MINIMUM amount of drives.--- Maximum performance should be RAID 10 based on my understanding, but it requires at least four drives, RAID 5 requires at least three drives, and RAID 1 requires at least two drives. So my answer is using two HDD 3 - 7200 RPM, 7200 RPM is faster than 5400 RPM HDD.


Aaron Bailey, you are incorrect. Volume spanning IS max perf, but ofers NO redundancy. RAID 5 is striping and offers MAX redundancy but not max perf. This is a TRICK question...ALL OF THE higher RPM disks are SATA drives. Question asks for IDE disks!


Great question! Only issue is "drag line" feature doesn't seem to work.


I was wrong as well... It asks for "Redundancy" NOT "Parity" Therefor a raid 5 is unnecessary. The Raid 1 with the higher RPMs would be correct. I missed the IDE when reading it.


Is there any way to work on the simulation question? Any suggestions?


so the answer is that Bay 1 and Bay 2 will choose as hard drive 3- 7200 RPM and leave the Bay 3 empty?


i am totally confused with this question. I know it is talking about RAID. But how do I know what is RAID 0, 1, 5 or 10?


I took the test today and this was literally the first question I had. I failed the test and got a 643. I'm brand new to the IT world. I just completed an 8 week A+ guide to hardware community college course and got a 101.25% in the class and a 99% on the final which consisted of basic questions from the text. This test was waaaay tougher than my final. I plan to take it again next week, there were a lot of laptop, mobile, printing, network and oddly enough, projector questions on my test. I'm so frustrated by my results but I'm going to watch Professor Messer's videos again on youtube, take practice exams and focus on the areas I missed. Good luck everyone!